4. Digital RFP

Our Process

SITE Selector Digital RFP Ensures Quality Submissions

Custom Digital RFPs

Create Custom RFPs to precisely meet your Project needs.

Tracked Digital RFPs

Track Site Submissions for completeness and quality.

Formatted Digital RFPs

Standardized formatting makes apples-to-apples comparisons possible.

Rules-Based Digital RFPs

Rules-based decisions allows for sites to be automatically rejected if they fail to meet specified minimum requirements.

Real-Time Digital RFPs

Monitor Submissions in real-time.

Interactive Digital RFPs

Integrated Chat feature makes it easy to ask questions.


Next: Data Integration

Connect your Project Dashboard to the data you need whether public data or private subscription.

Latest News

Top News About Our Digital RFP Process


SITE Selector™’S Digital RFP – Changing The Game

  • 03/27/2020

Since launching, the SITE Selector™ Marketplace has been progressing at a steady pace.

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