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SITE Selector is more than just technology; rather our Technology Elevates Experience. The AI in our SITE Selector™ marketplace allows your team to work from their desktop to:


Quickly and efficiently target locations that best meet your project requirements. Save time building your short list with SITE Selector’s AI assisted matchmaking tool.

  • Industry Clusters
  • Demographics
  • Labor Availability & Cost
  • Tax Environment
  • Other Custom Project Requirements


Accelerate the due diligence process with embedded pro formas and interactive financial models. Site Scoring allows you to rank each proposed location... and, re-rank if your priorities change during the project.


With the help of Kroll’ team of professionals, you will be able to confidently select the best possible location for your project with an incentive package that fits your needs. Immediately access all the relevant information within a single easy-to-use platform.

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$00+ billion

Capital Investment

$00+ billion

Incentives Awarded

00 +


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We give Corporate Site Selectors the tools they need

These tools help you identify, analyze and select the best locations.


Locate near tech clusters, skilled talent, universities and research centers.


Identify pockets of highly skilled, productive and cost effective labor.


Identify potential states and local communities who share your vision and passion for improving healthcare.


Secure sites with existing infrastructure to support your development and reduce ramp up.


Create holistic solutions that reduce your capital investments, improve cash flow and enhance your returns.


Balance economic and social considerations to ensure long-term growth.

Our Process

The 6 step process helps get your project quickly from start to finish, saving time and money.

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