Coronavirus Update


Coronavirus Update

  • 20 Mar 2020

With the global travel restrictions and quarantines implemented as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19), global economies are faltering and in many cases business expansion plans are halting indefinitely. We feel a responsibility as members of a global community to help businesses, countries and individuals offset the negative aspects of the quarantine and yet continue their business operations.

SITE Selector™ is a digital marketplace where companies can continue to connect with states and local communities. In the marketplace there are online tools which allow businesses that wish to invest in the U.S. to review sites virtually, perform due diligence, negotiate incentives and make selections without having to travel.

SITE Selector™ offers comprehensive site selection tools that match business requirements to locations based on 150 different data points and relevancy scoring. Companies can select and rank criteria based on business needs and preferences to find a site or location and then engage the appropriate economic development organizations. The collaborative nature of the virtual marketplace also makes it extremely easy for companies to work closely with EDOs and public-private partnerships and to advance their business plans during these challenging times. 

Our position has always been to minimize risk for our clients, but we would like to convey that we also hope to minimize impact on businesses when events such as the COVID-19 pandemic occur. Economic stability is vital to quality of life and human health. By assisting businesses with their long-term goals, we help to promote both.

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About SITE Selector™:

SITE Selector™ is the first digital marketplace for site selection. A product of Kroll and powered by StageXchange, the online portal brings economic development offices (EDOs) and companies together. SITE Selector TM provides information, tools and a workflow that enables teams on both sides of the market to identify, analyze, select and negotiate new locations for maximum impact and efficiency. For more information, visit or email: